Industrial Services

A Knowledgeable Industrial Electrician Serving Hicksville, NY, and Beyond

Industrial Electrical Services

Elmhurst Electric is also here to serve the needs of New York City’s massive industrial sector. No matter what your property needs are, an industrial electrician from Elmhurst can deliver the experience and expertise required to get the job done safely and efficiently. Our work within the industrial sector is incredibly diverse, ranging from the exterior installation of lighting networks, security systems, and alarms, to the proper installation and wiring of contingency systems for fire, backup power, and communication.

Reliable Electrical Systems

As with commercial and residential properties, we know that industrial properties place a critical importance on the reliability of their electrical systems. Industrial facilities often need continuous power to function on a daily basis. At Elmhurst Electric, we’ll work to install and build your property a system that is fully reliable and requires little engineering upkeep. As with all other electrical services from Elmhurst, we offer preventative maintenance schedules to ensure your electrical systems are always operating at peak efficiency. This includes both scheduled maintenance and emergency services, as required by individual clients.