Transit Work

Installing Electronic Security Systems Across Queens, NYC, and Beyond

Transit Electrical Services

An often overlooked electrical project that requires advanced engineering expertise is one involving public transit. From parking lot lighting to security camera systems, transit centers require complex electrical engineering services that Elmhurst Electric can deliver. Our trained electricians can help in every step of the process, from concept and planning to installation and ongoing systems maintenance. Our transit electrical services include parking lot lighting and lighting design systems, electrical upgrades to existing transit electrical systems, and even the installation and maintenance of generators to provide a backup power source.

Transit Security Systems

At Elmhurst Electric, we also specialize in transit electrical that goes beyond simple lighting systems and backup power grids. From massive parking structures to subway transit centers, Elmhurst Electric can work with clients to install surveillance systems and provide security wiring for any customer. We’ll handle the installation of security alarms, two-way communications systems, data and communication lines, and CCTV cameras to ensure your transit center has a fully integrated, completely connected security system that provides protection and peace of mind to your employees and customers alike.