Commercial Services

A Dependable Commercial Electrical Serving Queens, NYC, and Beyond

Commercial Electrical Services

Elmhurst Electric specializes in the construction, installation, and maintenance of commercial electrical services for clients such as retail outlets, housing communities, and much more. Every project starts with a pre-construction electrical engineering plan and property review. This first step allows us to evaluate the needs of each individual client and develop a specialized plan for the installation, testing, and maintenance needed for the proposed commercial project. The review process affords us the luxury of considering multiple approaches to each of the following phases, allowing our clients to save on installation costs and reducing the overall duration of the project completion time.

Commercial Electrician

When you choose to work with Elmhurst Electric for your project’s needs, you’ll receive a commercial electrician on the team who delivers the best experience, expertise, and practices in the industry to keep your installation on schedule and on budget. We complete final testing on all commercial projects to ensure all systems are functioning properly, while also defining an operations protocol that ensures seamless operation of the commercial electrical grid. Over the long term, you can count on our commercial electricians to provide preventative maintenance to keep your systems operating at maximum efficiency so the lights stay on. From generators and data/communication lines to lighting fixtures and lighting design, Elmhurst Electric can do it all for our commercial customers.